Out of the Abyss

12 Gray Ghosts and Droki

Wherein the heroes explored more of the tunnels beneath Gracklstugh, faced deranged demon fanatics, tracked down and defeated Droki the rogue derro, recovered the hand and ring of the ghost gnome to be buried in Blingdenstone, and recovered a red dragon egg from the Gray Ghosts.

PCs: Wax, Viserin, Jade, Faolin, Willow, Hubert

11 Whorlstone Tunnels

Wherein the heroes discover that the Gray Ghost derro savant Narrak has been performing rituals to Demogorgon that transform stone giants into 2-headed insane monstrosities as part of a plan to destabilize duergar control of the city.

PCs: Wax, Viserin, Jade, Willow, Hubert 

10 Beneath Gracklstugh

Wherein the heroes followed the derro Droki into the tunnels beneath the duergar city of Gracklstugh, discovered size-changing mushrooms and an overgrown forest of fungi infested with insect swarms, uncovered Buppido's disturbing secret agenda and put an end to him, agreed to help a deep gnome ghost by returning his animated hand to Blingdenstone,  befriended a flumph named Fluffy, encountered a group of myconids "blessed" with the gift of the lady, from which the heroes rescued a sprout named Rumpadump, and listened to the whispers of the city in a magically-enhanced echo chamber.

PCs: Hubert, Jade, Gunner, Gunter, Viserin, Willow

09 Gracklstugh: Tour

Wherein the heroes save an insane stone giant and meet Captain Blackskull of the Stoneguard, Stone Speaker Hgraam of the stone giants, Themberchaud the red dragon of the forge, and Gartokkar Zundorn of the Keepers of the Flame. The city is closed, and all trails lead to the shifty derro named Droki.

PCs: Wax, Viseren, Willow, Faolin, Jade, Hubert

08 Gracklstugh: Arrival

PCs: Gunner, Viserin, Faolin, Willow, Jumanji, Hubert

07 Darklake

PCs: Gunter, Jumanji, Hubert, Viseren, Willow

06 Darklake

  • Left Tomb of Brysis, floor collapsed into cavern on darklake
  • Attacked by derro, took their rafts
  • Navigated the Darklake toward Gracklestugh
  • Attacked by aquatic troll, water weird, mummy from sunken temple

PCs: Gunner, Jade and Hubert

05 Tomb of Brysis

- Continued across Silken Paths, faced Spectator and mimic.
- Rescued Fargus the halfling member of League of Extraordinary Chefs from spider web cocoon, his party was waylaid by gnolls and spiders. They were searching for lost tomb of Netherese sorceress Brysis of Khaem.
- Made it through Silken Paths, said goodbye to Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, paid them extra to slow down drow pursuit.
- Attacked by orcs outside secret entrance of tomb.
- Defeated spectres and a wraith, claimed sentient sun sword named Dawnbringer, among other treasures.
- Claimed tomb as our new headquarters, finished long rest.

04 To Gracklestugh
Silken Paths


  • Fled Sloobludop, long rest
  • Ambushed by Ilvara Mizzrym and drow from Velkenvelve, separated by tunnel collapse
  • Began crossing the Silken Paths with help of goblin pair, Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait
  • Attacked by giant spiders, darkmantles
  • Ended with short rest
03 Sloobludop
The face of madness

  • Continued the journey to Sloobludop
  • Captured by kuo toa war band, then freed by opposing kuo toa war party
  • Helped the established leadership overthrow opposing upstart rebellious religious zealots
  • Demon prince arrived, wading through the Darklake, raining destruction in its path

Shocked and afraid, you flee Sloobludop in the wake of Demogorgon's arrival. He wreaks havoc and destruction in his path, intent on destroying the kuo-toa town. Ploop, archpriest of the Sea Mother, stayed behind to rally the surviving kuo-toa and flee Sloopludop. You aren't sure if he is touched in the head or incredibly brave.

On your exit out of the northern gate, you run into Sarith. He clutches his head, clearly out of breath and a naked fear in his eyes. "Stool! Where is Stool?!"  The drow's face relaxes as he sees the sprout in the arms of Hubert, but then turns menacingly, "Hand. It. Over. Halfling." 

Stool releases a cloud of spores into the air and a small voice can be heard inside everyone's head; "Please! Let us go to Neverlight Grove! We will find peace and allies there." Sarith puts out his hands and Hubert places Stool in them. Sarith visibly relaxes "Yes, let us take advantage of the commotion while we can and get out of here."

Hemeth, the rescued Duergar arms dealer, pipes up and says "We could have traveled by boat to Gracklstugh though the Darklake; Neverlight is only a few days journey from there. But now, with those…things and that….demon, I dare say travel by water is out of the question." Hemeth shudders. "These be dark times indeed. I came just trying to make an honest buck selling weapons and armor to both sides of the kuo-toa civil war but look where it got me. Who needs honest work!" Looking at the party around him he says "You are ill equipped to be traveling in the Underdark. If you wish to go to Neverlight, let us stop in Gracklstugh first and you can purchase better armor and weapons, as well as provisions. We have no love for outsiders but if you obey our laws and keep your head down, you will be fine. Besides, that was a pretty penny you pilfered from the kuo-toa's hovel." He smiles mischievously. 

Buppido brightens at this prospect. "Yes, Gracklstugh! If nothing else, we can throw off this drow pursuit. They would not dare approach the city." Buppido looking glaringly at Sarith.

Jimjar grumbles, "I bet you 3 gold pieces that this lot is just as crazy as that ridiculous kuo-toa who led us to this mess. Nothing was more gratifying then seeing him blow up into bio-nonsense. I say we go to Blingdenstone and be done with it." 

At this, Hemeth rolls his eyes. "As if I'm going to listen to the word of a gnome. Why don't you go back home and play with your rocks. You folks can do what you want to do, but I'm heading home [to Gracklstugh]!"

Stool's voice gets sad. "Home. I just want to go home. Please, will you help me?"

An overwhelmingly frustrated voice rings in everyone's ears: "Can we argue about this later? For now can we just get OUT OF HERE!"


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