Out of the Abyss

14 Day of Joy

Wherein the heroes eliminated the alpha grick menace terrorizing the colony, investigated the creepy Garden of Welcome, defeated a mutant myconid and its drow fungal zombies and myconid minions, and discovered that demon queen Zuggtmoy was present and intended to join with Araumycos, the largest fungal life form on the planet. Realizing that discretion is sometimes the better part of valor, the heroes withdrew, explained the situation to Basidia the myconid sovereign, and left the grove with her and her followers. The heroes headed to Blingdenstone in search of a path to the surface.

PCs: Himo, Gunner, Gunter, Jade, Hubert

13 To Neverlight Grove

Wherein the heroes follow up on several loose ends in Gracklstugh (obtain advice on paths to Blingdenstone and Underdark creatures from Ilsa the merchant, receive armory items and escape from the city from Captain Blackskull, nominal gold reward for returning dragon egg to Keeprs of the Flame, and a potion of superior healing from Themberchaud the red dragon for revealing the secret of the Keepers).

The heroes then made their way over the course of a couple ten-day journey to Neverlight Grove, where they met the two sovereigns Phylo and Basidia. Basidia was relieved that Stool and Rumpadump did not exhibit the strange behavior that Phylo and many other myconids displayed. The affected creatures were filled with a joyous euphoria and spoke excitedly of the upcoming Day of Joy. Basidia feared they were infected with diseased spores and asked the heroes to investigate the Garden of Welcome, where the Day of Joy was to be held. The heroes took a tour of the grove with Basidia and were introduced to the leaders of each of the seven circles, some of which were on Team Basidia, others Team Phylo. The heroes were asked to take care of two rogue monsters terrorizing the grove: an alpha grick and a shambling mound. They also discovered a secret entrance into the Garden of Welcome, site of the upcoming and mysterious Day of Joy celebration, and planned to investigate it covertly.

PCs: Hubert, Jade, Faolin, Willow, Viseren

12 Gray Ghosts and Droki

Wherein the heroes explored more of the tunnels beneath Gracklstugh, faced deranged demon fanatics, tracked down and defeated Droki the rogue derro, recovered the hand and ring of the ghost gnome to be buried in Blingdenstone, and recovered a red dragon egg from the Gray Ghosts.

PCs: Wax, Viserin, Jade, Faolin, Willow, Hubert

11 Whorlstone Tunnels

Wherein the heroes discover that the Gray Ghost derro savant Narrak has been performing rituals to Demogorgon that transform stone giants into 2-headed insane monstrosities as part of a plan to destabilize duergar control of the city.

PCs: Wax, Viserin, Jade, Willow, Hubert 

10 Beneath Gracklstugh

Wherein the heroes followed the derro Droki into the tunnels beneath the duergar city of Gracklstugh, discovered size-changing mushrooms and an overgrown forest of fungi infested with insect swarms, uncovered Buppido's disturbing secret agenda and put an end to him, agreed to help a deep gnome ghost by returning his animated hand to Blingdenstone,  befriended a flumph named Fluffy, encountered a group of myconids "blessed" with the gift of the lady, from which the heroes rescued a sprout named Rumpadump, and listened to the whispers of the city in a magically-enhanced echo chamber.

PCs: Hubert, Jade, Gunner, Gunter, Viserin, Willow

09 Gracklstugh: Tour

Wherein the heroes save an insane stone giant and meet Captain Blackskull of the Stoneguard, Stone Speaker Hgraam of the stone giants, Themberchaud the red dragon of the forge, and Gartokkar Zundorn of the Keepers of the Flame. The city is closed, and all trails lead to the shifty derro named Droki.

PCs: Wax, Viseren, Willow, Faolin, Jade, Hubert

08 Gracklstugh: Arrival

PCs: Gunner, Viserin, Faolin, Willow, Jumanji, Hubert

07 Darklake

PCs: Gunter, Jumanji, Hubert, Viseren, Willow

06 Darklake

  • Left Tomb of Brysis, floor collapsed into cavern on darklake
  • Attacked by derro, took their rafts
  • Navigated the Darklake toward Gracklestugh
  • Attacked by aquatic troll, water weird, mummy from sunken temple

PCs: Gunner, Jade and Hubert

05 Tomb of Brysis

- Continued across Silken Paths, faced Spectator and mimic.
- Rescued Fargus the halfling member of League of Extraordinary Chefs from spider web cocoon, his party was waylaid by gnolls and spiders. They were searching for lost tomb of Netherese sorceress Brysis of Khaem.
- Made it through Silken Paths, said goodbye to Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait, paid them extra to slow down drow pursuit.
- Attacked by orcs outside secret entrance of tomb.
- Defeated spectres and a wraith, claimed sentient sun sword named Dawnbringer, among other treasures.
- Claimed tomb as our new headquarters, finished long rest.


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